Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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"So expensive…" As i whispered to myself looking at the 5 dollar price tag.

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Snake anatomy. Brehm’s Tierleben. 1920.

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Circulation of the heart - plasticinated coronary arteries.


@cassadybell up in Portland and myself are passing this client back and forth.. Working on this collaboration tattoo today. Stencil ready, stoked to tattoo this knee today -

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Partially submerged whale carcass

Photo credit: Espen Bergersen


The sternal cartilage of a juvenile cat. The top photo shows the structure just after soaking in ammonia, the bottom photo reflects the degeneration just a few hours after soaking. In immature animals the bones and cartilage are not fully developed and when cleaned, will shrivel up like this cartilage.

Photo credit: brandonssk