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This skull is from a Chinese water deer. These herbivores are found in east-central China, and in Korea. They weigh between 20-31 pounds, and feed on reeds, grasses, and vegetables. The large canine teeth are used are used by males during the rut, and for defense against predators. The canine teeth on females are much smaller.


Fernando Pessoa
from The Book of Disquiet

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I have found the Holy Grail. Vegan mayo that’s just $1! Hampton Creek launched Just Mayo at Dollar Trees around the country in an effort to show that healthy foods don’t have to be expensive. And it shouldn’t be. I found this mayo at my DT on a whim and I bought a jar. #JustMayo is non GMO, cholesterol-free, gluten free, egg and lactose/dairy free, kosher and soy free! Veganism isn’t expensive and it shouldn’t be that way at all. It’s also not just for elite white people, contrary to popular belief. POC vegans and poor vegans exist too! #vegan #vegetarian #veganmayo #eggfrew #dairyfree #hamptoncreek

Reblogging twice because this stuff is really great and tastes exactly like non vegan mayo.

Sorry veganaise. Your time is up.

This stuff tastes better than any non-vegan mayo i’ve had, and now it’s affordable as hell. Get this stuff!


gold diamonds


gold diamonds